Interior Painting

Painting in and Around is a Victoria BC based residential painter that delivers the highest quality interior painting service.

For Interior painting, we follow a strict process which is widely considered best practice in the painting industry to insure the quality of our workmanship.

Our Method For Doing Interior Residential Painting

  • Filling and patching of visible defects
  • Sanding and priming of patched areas
  • Filling of nail holes in the various woodwork throughout your house (baseboards, door frames, window frames and crown moldings)
  • Caulking the joint between the woodwork and the walls or ceilings
  • Protecting all areas that are not schedule for painting
  • Most surfaces usually require two coats of paint to achieve a uniform finish
  • In areas with new drywall, priming is required prior to painting. All surfaces are sanded between coats to ensure the smoothest finish possible
  • Painting In and Around only uses Premium Paint products from approved manufacturers. In any painting project, the price of paint is minor compared to the labor involved to apply it.